Tips to grow your business through Facebook Marketing

(1)first  create your business  page on  and  keep   in your mind following points

(a)facebook page  name should  =  brand name + common keyword  for your business

for example  heerproperties   here  heer is brand name and properties is common keyword regarding real estate business.

(b)create  facebook page  username  which will become your facebook page  url

for example if your username=heerproperties then  according to this   will be

(c)set your facebook  page  CTA (CALL TO ACTION )BUTTON   there is  many option available  like

Contact us , Call now ,send message , send  email  use  setup any  call to action button  to your facebook page.

(d)edit your facebook page info with     category  ,   location ,working hours , short description about your  business with your  main foucs keyword for example if my  business is about digital marketing then i will write my  short description of facebook page :- “we provide  digital marketing  classroom  training with   25  advance modules(SEO,SEM,SMM,SMO,PPC) ,practical session   on each modules.”


(e)create  blog on for this facebook page posting  create  articles  on with   images and video content and  follow seo  friendly  blog post  on page seo rules while writing post on  & share this blog post  on your facebook  page  with    description  and  with relevant #hastags

for example see given example:-

#socialmediapackages #BuyLikes #BuyFollowers #BuyViews#SocialMediaPlatform #DigitalMarketing

Note:-advantages of posting  first in blog  and then copy  that  blog post  URL  and post that link on facebook page  user will  redirect  from Facebook page environment to  your blog/website environment.

(f)Daily  check your Facebook page insight about your  post  which you are sharing on Facebook  page  check how many page likes ,page views ,reach  ,page engagement  (like ,comment ,share ) your are getting.

(2)Create your business   group on facebook  and  daily  join   5 to  6  relevant groups on facebook to increase your  network on facebook for example     for   example you want to target people of mumbai then you will join   relevant groups of  mumbai    like  mumbai people  ,mubaikar  etc.

& share your website  link and blog post  articles  int this  groups and  keep in mind your each blog post page  should  have   email id and contact details  with inquiry  form which will help you to lead generation process.

(3)Run Facebook  paid  campaign  according to your business objective  if your goals is to reach maximum people  then run facebook brand awarness /reach  campaign  and  for  lead generation  you run facebook    “lead generation Campaign“.

(4)finally you can also hire  social media marketer  or  take smm packages