Best Ways to Become Rich

1)Change your Mindset :-

You can apply basic Math’s formula to achieve these target :-

for example you have product of Rs 10,000 and if you sell this product 1000 people in 1 year then you will have :-

10,000rs * 1000 people = 1 Crore.

10,000rs * 10,000 People = 10 Crore.

for this you will need to research about your ideas of your product and services

you should create product and services which people really needed to solve their problem or make their life easy. like Tally software make account work easy.

Byju’s app helping people in their education.

like Urban Company you can provide services like

Best Ways to Become Rich

2)Learn skills & Take Good Education and Improve your Knowledge :-

for this take Good Education and Knowledge which is very important for example if you are doing Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting then you must join courses regarding Accounting and GST taxation like Tally, Advance Excel.

other example we can take

if you are taking education in BCA , BSC IT then you must take practical knowledge of coding like python , java programming languages & improve your coding skills.

there are many other skills are in demand like

Data analysis,

Artificial Intelligence.

Software development,

Web development,

Account management,

Art, Design, and Photography,

3) Create an App :-

for creating Mobile App you need to learn Mobile app development

If you plan on creating an Android app, Java could be the way to go.

& JavaScript is the most popular language among developers. & HTML/CSS is the second most popular language.

the best way to Create native apps for Android, iOS, and more using React Native.

Start learning from

Apps like

UrbanClap (World’s largest at-home services app)
Indian who crated this app for education now has become millionaire .

4) Blogging :- in this you start writing on any topics to educate people. for example

you are posting articles on “How to start a daily yoga practice ” , “How to Start Coding” ,”How to learn dance at home: A step by step Guide“.

after writing 15 articles apply for Affiliate marketing program of amazon , 99acres, Godaddy & inside your articles add your affiliate links on relevant words.

5)Create Video Tutorials on YouTube :-

For creating Youtube video tutorials you just need to select topic first like

cooking , cooking, humor, relationships, education or any other niche and create videos.

& add your affiliate links in your video descriptions and ask your audience to visit this link and get benefits , and also apply for Youtube monetization

Note:- you need, at minimum, 1,000 subscribers to your channel and 4,000 watch hours over the past 12 months.

6)Put money in the Stock Market:-

First of start learning of stock market investment , learn how can you analysis of fundamental & technical of any stocks using tool like and and . & invest in fundamentally Strong large cap companies like sbi , infosys , reliance industries , tcs , hdfc bank, Itc , L & T and hold them for longterm 5 to 10 years give you good returns.

7)Start your Own Business :-

there are many ideas to start your own business read this article to get more ideas

Best small business ideas

8)Bitcoin Investment :-

first understand about crypto from

How can you buy bitcoin in India you just read this articles

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