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  • Best Ways to Become Rich

    1)Change your Mindset :- You can apply basic Math’s formula to achieve these target :- for example you have product of Rs 10,000 and if you sell this product 1000 people in 1 year then you will have :- 10,000rs * 1000 people = 1 Crore. 10,000rs * 10,000 People = 10 Crore. for this…

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  • New Way of Succeeding in Career

    Step 1:- Identify your Target Market in which you want to start your Career For example:-  Like this you can also choose your market in which you want to Start your Career. Step 2:- Find out Problem in your market which   your target audience is facing   Problem For example: For Example your Target Audience…

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  • Tips for Mental toughness to Achieve your life goals. :-

    (1)who is No 1 in your industry or field ? (2)Ask your self how can you do better than that person ? (3) positive mental muscles tips :- (a)Think always positive & try to find out every possibilities to solve your problem. (b)Always Read books of great people like Mukesh Ambani , Ratan Tata, Apj…

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