Digital Marketing Course

Hey Friends if you are Looking to start your career ,want to start freelance workincrease your business Leads , Add extra Value in your profile.

Then according to Today‚Äôs Trending Then check following Digital Marketing Course syllabus

you must learn search Advertising , Display advertising , Video marketing , Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing , Search Engine Optimization ,Lead Generation These are highly demanded in Digital Marketing Companies.

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Digital Marketing Tools Which you will Learn

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

1.Introduction of Digital Marketing:-

Introduction to Digital   Marketing.

DM opportunities  ,

Digital Leadership

2.Digital Marketing Techniques:-

Introduction  on digital marketing techniques

seo ,sem,smm,smo etc.

3.Domain & hosting:-

What is domain name?

Domain name registration

Hosting & types of hosting for website

4.Website Designing Guidelines:-

Website design technology

Html , CSS introduction

Website structure  .

5.Blogging (

How to create   blog.

How to enable meta tag description.

How to create post

How to optimize   a post according to on page seo techniques.

6.Creating Website (WordPress):-

How to create   free blog on

How to create pages & menu

How to create category

How to create post

How to optimize post according to on page seo techniques.

7.Search Engine Optimization (SEO):-

What is seo (search engine optimization)?

How search engine works?

Basic of seo techniques.

Keyword research and analysis.

On page seo in details.

Off page seo in details.

Seo tools & report analysis.

8.Google Analytics:-

Introduction on Google analytics

Google analytics tracking code setup to website

Google analytics tracking code  verification using Google tag assistant.

Benefits of tracking and analyzing web data

Advantages of using Google analytics .

9.Google Webmaster Tools:-

Verify  your website to google webmaster tool

Submit sitemap.xml file for indexing purpose

Checking index status of submitted web pages.

10.Digital Marketing Tools:-

Introduction on Digital Marketing tools

Content marketing tool

social media marketing tool

SEO   tools(seo score ,website page speed test,sitemap.xml,robots.txt )

smo tools for facebook OG and twiter summary card

website analytics tools.

11.Social Media Marketing:-


Creating Facebook Brand Page& Facebook Page Insights Analysis

Groups creation

Joining other groups

Organic reach& Engagements

Facebook Paid Lead Generation Campaign.


Creating custom profile URL for Linkedin

Creating Groups & Joining other Groups

Creating Company Brand Page

Writing articles(Pulse)

Linkedin Connection & Degree network )


Creating custom URL for Twitter Profile

Creating lists

Follow, Tweet, retweet, like, comment, engagement

Twitter analytics

12.Social Media Optimization:-

Facebook  open graph,twitter summary card and  adding social media share ,like button,follow and embedding  social media  videos and post to website.

13.Social Media Analytics:-

Facebook page insights

Twitter analytics

Linkedin   analytics  online tool guidance using trial version.

Google analytics for social media visitor  analysis.

14.Landing Page Techniques:-

Mobile friendly test, website landing page loading speed optimization, conversion tracking code setup to landing  pages.

15.Google Ads PPC Training:-

  • Introduction on Google Ads CPC
  • Types of CPC (manual CPC, maximize clicks,
  • Keyword Research using Google Ads
    Keywords Planner Tool.
  • Google Ads Search, Display Network
    Campaign Structure.
  • Search network Campaign setup with
    Manual CPC bidding & Responsive Search
  • Ad Group setup.
  • Creating Responsive Search Ads, Responsive
    display Ads.
  • Estimate first page bid column & max CPC
    bid management.
  • About Quality score, Ad relevance, landing
    page experience, Expected Ctr.
  • Display network campaign setup with CPC
    Bidding & Responsive Display Ads

16.Video Marketing:-

How to optimize your video while uploading on

How to create video campaign with bid strategy cpv

to promote your business and product   consideration.

17.Email Marketing:-

Email campaign,

list creation,

email content design,

analysis of result report.

19.Affiliate Marketing:-

How to create affiliate account on amazon type ecommerce website

How to embed there    product on website and blog to earn commission.

20.Lead Generation Techniques:-

How to generate lead through social media, search engine marketing

20 . Mobile Marketing :-(WhatsApp Business App, Instagram etc)

Analyse Your Audience
Business Profile Optimization
Image Sharing
Video Sharing
Posting with Instagram Trending Hashtags.
How to increase Instagram Followers.

21.Freelance Technique Guidance:-

What is freelance work?

how to create seo ,ppc ,smm package ?

How to find freelance work for social media , seo , content marketing

22.Trending # tag Marketing :-

Learn how to find the most powerful & trending hashtags ,

Researching   highly-demanded traffic.

23.Online Reputation Management:-

What is ORM ?

Online Reputation Management Activitie

Content Management

Social Profile Management

Note:- we will Guide you About How to Get Google search ads certification with this course see following Google search ads certification.

Can a 12th pass do Digital Marketing?

After 12th , We must make some important choices, including one that will affect our future and job. The most significant and challenging employment option for students is digital marketing. They require a Career course that enables students to get employment without spending a lot of time in College. After your 12th grade year, you should consider to Start career in Digital Marketing Industry.