How to Rank a website in Google Search Engine ?

Step 1:

Make list of keywords using google ads keyword planner tool , seo quake tool & from google
search box.

Step 2:-

create on page seo document file for website page which you want to rank.

in on page seo document file you will prepare for

Page url :- it should include your keyword and it should be in small letter , seperate each word by –

for example :- seo-course-mumbai

Page title :- it is your page title , start your page title with your target keyword and it should not be more than 65 characters which count space also.

Page description :- it is your page description, it should include your all target keywords under 160 characters and include user benefits poitns to attract user to click on your page.

Meta keywords :- it is keywords list , it should include minimum 5 relevant keywords list.
Page heading :- it should be like news paper headline and include target keyword in your headline.
Page content:-it should be 100% unique , it should be more than 500 words, it should include your target
keyword in first 100 words of your page content.

Step 3:-

after this you will setup with google search console , request for indexing of your website in search console and setup website with google analytics to track website traffic.
keep checking indexing status of your website.

Step 4:-

start off page seo process on website like social bookmarking on , article submission on , blog posting in , , , social media website link posting in facebook groups and linkedin groups.

step 5:-

check seo score of all your pages to cross check page url , page title , page description
is properly updated on your website .

you can do this by using seo score checker tool like
& also open your website in chrome browser and press ctrl + u and press ctrl + F on keyboard and search

<title> tag to see page title inside <title> </title> tag and search “description” to check your page description which you will see inside meta tag. <meta name=”description” content=” “>

note: here you will see page description content =”” .

use free seo quake tool for analysis.

step 6:-

keep checking indexing status of your website , you can check it go to and search your website domain name like this “”

step 7:-

check your website ranking status using seo rank checker tool like

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