Lead Generation Ways of Digital Marketing

1. Focus on Traffic from Social Media

2. Continue to Use Mailchimp.com kind online platform for
Email Marketing to your Target Audience.


3. Solve Problems with Content:-

Write Problem solving articles on
Blogging platform like blogger.com, wordpress.com
& other platform like
linkedin.com,quora.com, hubpages.com


4. Engage People Directly:-

Setup your social media business page and social media groups to directly interact with your target audience.


5. Search Engine Optimization:-
Optimize your website according to keywords which your target audience searching more on search engine like google.com


6. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising:-

Run PPC Campaign for search network of search engine like google.com & use there platform like Google ads

7. Social Media Lead Generation Paid Campaign:-

For example. You can run Facebook lead generation campaign to get leads from Facebook as well as from Instagram.