Tips for creating wonderful blog post to get 1000 visitors per day.:-

(1)Start with Attractive headline which attract your customer’s attention.
for example :- for great headline generator ,

, blog topic generator,

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(2)Research on new tredning topics write something new in your blog post topics.
for trainding topics
use ,

(3)use group of long tail keywords which having more than 4 words
for example “what is the fees of digital marketing course”, what is the duration of digital marketing course
are example of long tail keywords.

(4)use lsi keywords in your post conent
LSI(Latent semantic indexing ) keywords are search words related to the main keyword you are focusing to rank.

(5)Page content :-
(a)write long content more than 2000 words & divide each paragraph into smaller parts. for example only includes 3 lines in one paragraph.

(b)Put Image and Videos on the page to enhance Content Quality.
(c)write question related to your topic and answer in your content
for example : what is the best too for seo ?
answer:- , google ads keyword planner tool.

(6)write conclusion at the end of your post.