Keyword isn’t triggering ads: What can I do?

An ineffective keyword can trigger a low Quality Score and low auction-time quality metrics, which — along with your bid — influences your Ad Rank. Ads are positioned on search pages based on their Ad Rank, and the ad with the highest Ad Rank appears in the first position. A low Ad Rank will prevent your ad from appearing.

There are several steps you can take to raise your Ad Rank.

  • Focus on finding successful keywords. Create specific keywords that are directly relevant to your ad text and landing page, as these will help your campaign more than general keywords. Using multiple words can make your keywords more specific.
  • Consider raising your bid, if your budget allows. Your bid is an important factor in determining your Ad Rank, especially if you already have a high Quality Score. Learn more about editing your bids.
  • Review our campaign optimization tips. Learn how to identify specific advertising goals and create clear, straightforward, targeted ads that support those goals.