Keyword Competition :-

how difficult for us to rank a keyword on Google’s first page or in Top 10 search result .

Keyword Competition is based on a number of factors, including domain authority, page authority, and content quality.

check all Google seo ranking factors.

(1)Check Out Their Content Optimization ( On page seo ):-

you must pay attention to the on-page SEO of your competitors in the top 10 results.

for example check your competitors

page title , page description (meta description) ,Page heading(h1, h2) , Page content to get idea for ranking a keywords what they are adding in their page title , Page description , page heading and page conent.

for example you want to check for keyword ” seo tips ”

then you will see in Google search result website list check each website page title and page description .

Note :- page title in blue and page description as given below image.

for keyword which you want to rank it will give you idea which type of page title , Meta description, page heding , page content
you should put on your website page.

you can use install seo quake tool from and use it check page info.

another option is open your competitors web page in your chorme browser and after it press
“ctrl + U” then you will see source code in html format & then press “ctrl + F” and search you will see page title under tag.

which is page title and then serach description then you will get this meta tag which is page description.

read step by step process of seo process

(2)Evaluate Content Quality :-
the quality of your content is a HUGE part of your ability to crack the top 10.
Just search for your keyword and read the content of web page that ranks in the top 10 results.

read about seo content Guidance.

(3)Check website Domain authority and Page authority of page:-

Check Domain authority and page authority of your competitors web page which are coming on the first top 10 for keyword which you
want to rank.
note:- In general, we page search top 10 results with high PA(page authority) and DA(Domain Authority) are super-competitive.

check all points you must know to increase your website Domain Authority.

(4)Check Out Referring Domains:- how many referring domains your competitors have (No of backlinks from No of domains).

(5)Find out keywords list which are easy to rank :-
you can find keyword list having less keyword difficulty & More volume searches from tool and google ads keyword planner tool and tool & moz bar tool.

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