About Mobile Hybrid App Development Course

  • In today’s Date Mobile Apps are designed in Android, IOS, Windows etc platforms
  • Why Hybrid APPS ?
  • Separate Projects & Teams need to be Created to develop Android or IOS specific APPs which increases both Time & Cost
  • Hence Hybrid Apps Came into Picture that resolves almost all of Requirements (except game development) by creating 1 design & Exporting into Android, IOS and other Formats thus
  • Meaning Create 1 Design & Create Apps in all Platforms like Android, IOS, Windows etc.
  • It have Made Easy even a Web Developer to Design Professional Apps for Websites !
  • Hence it is Highly Demanding in Industry & Future of Apps Development Industry
  • Apache Cordova, IONIC Framework, Android Studio etc are required to design & develop Hybrid Apps and Covered in Course
  • Pre-requisite – HTML, CSS Basics & jQuery Basics