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php training in mumbai

PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a popular server side open source general purpose scripting language.

It is used for building dynamic and interactive web applications like,Wikipedia,Yahoo etc.

It can be embedded into HTML. MYSQL is a relational database which uses Structured Query Language.

With MYSQL and PHP one can connect and manipulate databases.

It is jointly used with PHP. Upon completion of the course, one can work as a web developer. Below is the revised course content for PHP & MYSQL basic and advanced module.

PHP  Basic

  1. Introduction
  2. PHP   Fundamentals
  3. PHP   Statements
  4. PHP    LOOP
  5. PHP    ARRAYS
  7. PHP   FORMS
  8. String   handling
  9. PHP cookies & session handling
  10. Assessments
  12. Project

PHP Advance

  1. PHP   Object  Oriented Concepts
  2. PHP   inheritance
  3. PHP  Constructor,
  4. Destructor
  5. Function Overriding
  6. Function Overloading
  7. PHP  Forms
  8. PHP  File  handling,  PHP Strings Handling
  9. PHP File uploading
  10. PHP  Email
  11. Plugins  integration with   PHP
  12. PHP   Cookies & Sessions management
  13.  MYSQL Queries   & Database Connectivity
  14. AJAX Database Operations
  15. Advanced  MYSQL   query
  16. MYSQL Functions
  17. Importing ,Exporting  CSV  data, Database  files.
  18. MYSQL  Joins
  19. Advanced MYSQL joins, Full text Search.
  20. Website uploading
  21. Project


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