Option Chain Paper Trading Practice Tips :-

Let’s Start Option chain Paper Trading Practice :-

Step 1:-

Find out kaun sa trend chal raha Hain.


Use rsi and macd , moving averages.

in.investing.com pe technical analysis me.

2)support & Resistance
Find out karo

Using pivot point & bollinger bands

You can use

3)Make Analysis of Option Chain


4)choose strike price from ITM between support & Resistance

& buy call option from ITM if uptrend

& buy put option from ITM if downtrend.

start paper trading.


👉Tip 1:-

In Call option always choose strike price from ITM and less than ATM strike price .

👉Tip 2:-

In Put option choose strike price from ITM and greater than ATM

Disclaimer :- This is only for knowledge sharing purpose only before trading make your own strategy and analysis .

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